Why there is no Barcode Generator in ERPNext

I have not seen any Erp software which does not generate barcodes, Without this feature Erp(next) is incomplete, Why it does not generate Barcodes? what is the logic behind this?

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Barcodes are something that are hard to standardize. There are different printers, which print barcodes of different dimensions, with different gaps between each barcode, different margins required etc.

One option is to use the field of type Barcode.

Another option is to use a print format. I had implemented a print format for my use-case back in Oct. 2016, maybe it will help:

You can also consider contributing a barcode print generator to Frappe/ERPNext, it’s open source :slightly_smiling_face:

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I try to use barcode field type and programmatic assign a value ( doc.name in PO and doc.item_code in Item). The field seems to have internal barcode generation but when I assign the value after barcode has generated, it shows the text code and the barcode image is gone.

The question is how to assign barcode field with some value ( from the same doc like doc.name or item_code ) and when ?


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Hello @snv ,
Thank you for your kind and informative reply.
i see your concern about this, but how others do this?, they all have their own standards, Erpnext should start from somewhere. sooner or later Erpnext must have Barcode Module, for example, in health system in my country, everything works with barcodes, even patients gets barcode when they first show up to registration desk, so these barcodes must be generated. I do not have any programming knowledge wish i had, i would jazz up the Erpnext :).

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As @snv mentioned before, there are a lot of barcode types (Types of Barcodes: Choosing the Right Barcode) … and not all data type is usable with all barcode types. Maybe you are using unsupported characters with chosen barcode type. (i.e. EAN barcode just use numeric data … and the last digit is a control digit, so you can’t use random data …)

If you need to use specific barcode type, use options on your field, that way:

I think Frappe uses JSBarcode library, so … explore and play :slight_smile:

You can simulate with different barcode types here:

Hope this helps.

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thanks for your reply,

I have play around with jsbarcode and perfect on version-12 but on version-13 the image only rendering
on fullpage view.

I test it with print format like this:

Do you currently have version-13 installed? maybe you could confirm if this only happen on my setup or actually happen on version-13.
I test it on sites with and without erpnext and customapp.


apparently it prints, but it doesn’t show…

[This post is working on version 13 … all views perfect ]
(How to Print Barcode Labels - #19 by Mahendra_Rohit)

Basically he create / save the barcode in the docs on validate event, then use the docfield on the report.
Although will increase our table size.

The solution without adding image to table is Print format in version-13 - #9 by atprana