Wiki and Desk - Are these modules can run in ERPNext or saperate modules?

I see a couple of independent modules (I think so atm). I created the site with the Wiki and Desk included in my ERPNext installation. After the setup, the main page was showing the wiki instead of the website. And once I switch to the Desk, It doesn’t show me any options for the Wiki. From the search I can find different options for the Wiki, but not from the sidebar. For the Frappedesk, I can see the Desk option on the sidebar, but it is showing me the error.

Are these modules meant to work independently or can be used along with ERPNext installation?


Wiki works alongside an ERPNext installation as it is just a custom Frappe app with no relationship to ERPNext.

I can’t say the same for Frappe Desk as the support module still exists inside ERPNext. So it can function only as a separate/independent app.

Wiki doesn’t give me any errors. But my website is replaced by the wiki. That is why I asked.

For the desk, It seems like it is showing in my ERPNext but not how it is supposed to: