Wiki Let's Encrypt Page Missing


I was looking for the let’s encrypt documentation for erpnext and I followed this link:

Which is referenced in many places here on the forum.

Some one went and replaced the page with a question about “where to find the documentation”. Since the wiki page was open for anyone to edit I tried to undo the changes and go back to the previous version of the page only to find that the previous change was the page removal.

Can someone from the team look at this page and see if they can recover the missing content?

@Felipe_Orellana I’m the only one that I know of that’s edited the wiki lately, I must have deleted the page accidently. There is a page on the Bench wiki though, if this is what you are looking for, I’ll copy this to the ERPNext wiki:

Yes, I knew of the bench documentation. I just wanted to make sure the link still pointed somewhere useful for people finding the old posts. But was unsure of what the page should contain now.

Thanks for fixing the page! \o/