Wiki, search only works for pages marked "Allow Guest"

I’ve enabled the Wiki module and would like to allow users to search the Wiki using the ERPNext search bar in the header. I’ve noticed that it only searches pages that are marked “Allow Guest”. Our Wiki is internal-only so I don’t want to “Allow Guest” for every page.

Is this a bug, or intentional?


def web_search(text, scope=None, start=0, limit=20):

I guess the first line with the whitelist indicates that this function can only execute for Wiki Pages that are marked “Allow Guest”?

I’m not sure how the search works, but the line you’ve quoted there doesn’t indicate anything about search. The allowGuest=true only means that this whitelisted method can be called by non-authenticated users.


OK, barking up the wrong tree.

It still seems like somewhere in the code it’s preventing me from searching pages that aren’t set to “Allow Guest”, which makes sense since if the Web Search is meant to be called from a non-authenticated session.

I want to have an internal wiki that is also searchable, so that restriction doesn’t work for me. There doesn’t appear to be a setting to change it, though.