Will bench update also update LMS?

Good day

If I could ask for some urgent assistance

Someone has asked for a demonstration of the new LMS but I see mine is still on V0.0.1
I did actually do a bench update. I was assuming that that would also update teh LMS?

I see that V1.0.0 was released 2 weeks ago ??

If I could please ask again for some assistance ?

I did a bench update , expecting the LMS to be updated as well to the latest version ( 1.0.0 ) but it is
staying on V0.0.1.

@Jannat_Patel , if you could please assist ? thank you

This seems like an issue with version numbering. Will fix it. As long as you are able to access all the features, you site update was successful

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Thank you for your response @Jannat_Patel

I had a look at the latest features on the release notes and it seems that live Classes are
one of the new ones. I can indeed see live classes on my system, so I assume that the actual update
was successful.

I assume with the next update, the numbering will be updated correctly.

Thank you

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