Will form and print format customisation stop an update?

good day all

trust you are all well !

I want to update my system to the latest V13

Currently –
ERPNext: v13.25.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.25.0 (version-13)

When I go through the procedure on my test server, I get this message

Cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app “frappe” that are not commited.

The only changes I made was…
Form customisation
Print format customisation
I did not change doctypes.

Clearly it is going to overwrite something if it continues.

My question-
Will form and print format customisations hold up an update ?
Is there a way to find out what I am going to loose if I continue with the update?

No, what you did via Customize Form or Print Format is stored in the database and will survive an update.

Run git status in you $BENCH/apps/frappe folder. Many times it’s just some files that landed there by accident.

Thank you @rmeyer for taking the time !

Yes, it was my understanding as well and that is why I limit my customisation work to
that only.

Since i made this post, I did some more digging and realised that, during the installation,
I had to make a fix …

My manual install was done according to this link .

But it breaks at some point, for which I found a fix … according to this link …

So I actually edited the init.py file.

I thought that this could cause it but checked this on another 13 server by first using your
suggested command…

git status
and I got a response : nothing to commit, working tree clean

and on that server ( multinenant ) the update went through with no problem on all sites.
So it cannot be the init.py file that I changed.

Let me return to my first server, I have something to work with , from your suggestion.

Thank you again. Appreciate you taking the time.