Will Query Reports be allowed for ERPNext Cloud Customers in V11?


Just wondering if Query Reports will be allowed for ERPNext Cloud Customers in V11?


[Edited] No, it won’t be available for Cloud Customers in v11.

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Yes! All you need to do send a pull request :wink:

Hi @rmehta

Good to hear from you.I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that Pull Requests are NOT the solution to this issue. I think you should already know by now that even 1 million reports in the core won’t satisy the needs of all users and will only cause unnecessary clutter on our screens (which is gradually becoming the case)

Many of us have custom fields and doctypes which make up our reports… are we supposed to add all these in the core as well? I certainly don’t want to see custom reports of thousands of other users on my screen. I bet you wouldn’t even add many of them because you’d say they’re not generic enough for other users yet they’re very important to us

The simple solution is to provide a report builder/engine that allows me to present my data in the way that best benefits me. It’s more painful to think that the ability to generate many of these reports (via sql queries) is already there but just restricted from those who choose to host on the ERPNext cloud

I hope this is fixed soon

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@wale care to share a use case?

Hi @rmehta

Sure! For example, we have magazines that get circulated every month based on Subscriber requests. To manage this, we have some custom doctypes on the system to manage our ‘Distribution Team’ and their Targets, the actual ‘Distribution’ to various Subscribers, and the ‘Requests’ from Subscribers

We need reports that draw from these different DocTypes to let us see Who distributed What to Which Subscriber and how that measures up against their targets. We also require the total quantity and cost of these magazines (subscriber-wise)

This is just one example. We have several custom doctypes for different operations within the organization


@wale thanks for sharing. I think this really calls for a fully fledged feature. This is not what we intend to do via the cloud hosting (as of now). Allowing server side access via the web, is really a big security issue, so I am not sure we will be allowing query / script reports anytime soon.

I agree! That’s why I strongly recommend that we start looking into building a better reporting engine

Thanks for the feedback though… at least we know what not to expect in the short term

Kudos on the great work being done on V11. It’s looking like its going to be a really awesome release