Windows file share


I am planning to implement ERPNext to another company. We are able to deal with almost all use cases, but I do not have any idea how to do with one of them:

Company is organizing project documents with windows file share, this should stay. In old system (MS Access based) they have the possibility to klick on a button and look for the project folder on share and selecting it. Afterwards this link is clickable and Windows Explorer is opening this folder. (All workstations are running Windows, configured with same file share settings)

I need a possibility to rebuild such a function in ERPNext projects.
=> I know, I could create a text field and copy the link from Explorer in it, but this link is not clickable afterwards.

Maybe there is a sexier :wink: solution?

hopefully I have explained this clearly

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Perhaps a chrome extension will do but Im not sure how you will bypass browser security.