[wip] Auto-delete old Dropbox backups

Hello everyone,

I’m fed up of the ‘Backup Upload Failed’ emails which are caused due to insufficient space.

I’m thinking about developing a feature where a specified number of database backups are preserved, and the older ones are automatically deleted from Dropbox.

Additionally, I think that attachments of unlinked emails unnecessarily clutter up the 2GB of free space that Dropbox provides. So there could be a checkbox to prevent backing these up.

I’d like to know what you think about these features, and any suggestions on the best way to implement these are welcome.


We can add a field Maximum Backups.

So when maximum threshold reaches, the system will delete the older backup and then upload new backup.

Not clear on this. Maybe we can add an additional checkbox to make files backup optional. Also, we can remove the file from Dropbox if a user deletes the file from ERPNext/Frappe.

Please create a GitHub issue.

Also if you are/have developer(s) send a PR. :slight_smile:

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