WIP transfer to new Work Order


How would you handle the following use case ?

There is a Work Order WO-1 that blends ingredients with water into a vessel.

We use Material Transfer to assign the raw material that are blended into the Work Order.

WO-1 is still in process, and have a volume of 1000L in the vessel.

Now I must transfer a portion of the batch volume into a new vessel and start a new Work Order WO-2. Let’s say we transfer 250L out of WO-1 into WO-2.

Note that the Production Item of WO-2 is different from WO-1.

I need the cost of the 250L portion to be transferred to WO-2 (cost would be calculated using a prorata of the volume transferred).

I also need traceability, that the WO-2 batch is linked to WO-1 batch. So when looking at WO-2 finished item, we can trace back to ingredients used in WO-1.

I’m a bit clueless how to implement this in ERPNext…

Any ideas is welcome, thanks !

Anyone ?

Please tell me if I’m not being clear enough.