WIP warehouses setting in work order

i have been testing manufacturing module, when create work order based on multi-level BOM, in the BOM, transfer material set “againt job card”, i think WIP warehouses should be in the job card, am i right?
because different workstation should be different WIP? different workstation also mostly like different place.

@RoyHu I understand what do you mean!

Right now, ERPNext don’t support multi-location manufacturing!

If all the locations belongs to the same business entity, one way to address this, is using the new v14 functionality, Inventory Dimension, Inventory Dimension

But, if the locations belongs to different business entity, you can use the Sub-Contracting flow


Dear @max_morais_dmm ,
thank you for your help:)
in my case, i set packaging/assemble/PCB/CNC four workstations with similar operations, they are located in different floor of factory, warehouses as well. thank you guide me to inventory dimensions.

there is another issues just came to me, transfer material set “againt job card”, when i submit the work order, erpnext ask me to fill in operations against every raw material included it’s sub BOM, in the first level of BOM, the operations are set do not include it’s sub BOM’s operations. is it a bug or i miss some points?

because from row 3 after, there are material of sub BOM, so the operations are belong to sub BOM as well, from this work order, i can not choose operations of it’s sub BOM,