With a customer price list, will items not included there default to Standard Selling prices?

we have this customer who really gets on our nerves and on top of that always tries to bargain to the very last cent. So we now gave him his own price list with the rates that he deserves.

Now question: If an item is not in that yet, will standard rates be applied instead?

In other words: Will prices default to standard if not set for the customer?

Or, in even other words: Does a customer price list just override the Standard Selling list with specific rates or will every item not priced in it default to $0.00?


following up on my notorious habit of answering my own questions: Yes, at least from what I could try, customer specific prices lists seem to behave just like that.

Where special prices are set, those are used. If not, standard rates are applied. Just what one would expect, good!

One would hate unexpected changes in auto repeats or more likely subscriptions, where items without specific rates could suddenly cost $0.00. Luckily, that does not seem to be the case.

Sorry to bump an old thread, I could have made my own. But I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to be the case any more?

I’m on V15, and if I create a sales invoice with customer specific pricing it applies that price, but if I add an item that doesn’t have a price on that price list it lists it as zero even though the ‘standard selling’ price list does have a price for this.

I’m trying to figure that out for the same reason as the OP. But also because we’re needing to do customer specific pricing for certain items and I don’t want to have to duplicate an entire price list to change a few items. Is there a way to set a hierarchy perhaps?

So for example:

If I create an invoice for a customer it defaults to using our ‘trade pricelist’, but if we gave them a special price on items x in a ‘customer special’ pricelist, it would use that price for those items, but the ‘trade pricelist’ for all others.

And then if you added an item that didn’t have a price in the ‘trade pricelist’ or the ‘customer special’ price list it would default to the ‘standard selling’ pricelist.

Edit: Not fully explored but just realised I could probably use the promotional scheme option instead of the price list feature for this. I will test and see. Still not sure why my products don’t default to the standard selling price though.

HI, @rob1 , have you the solution for this?, may share please.

Hi, nope unfortunately mine doesn’t work the same as Kombi’s does. I am assuming it’s a setting somewhere since their one works fine.