Withholding Tax Rate

Hi All,
A quick question, the withholding tax rate is applied on a financial year. What if the rate changes in between the year (common in our country :face_with_thermometer: … how to handle it? Plz advise!!!

What kind of withholding are you talking about here? Income tax based slabs?

I am talking about the Item Tax Template

Can you be a bit more specific about the issue you’re facing? Item tax templates aren’t tied to a specific year. You can change them whenever you want.

sorry. my bad … not item tax … the withholding tax category. i am attaching a screenshot.

this is linked to financial year. so what if the rate changed in between the year.

I haven’t used Withholding Tax Categories much, but it’s not a submitted document so you should be able to change it at any time. Does that suit your needs?