Woocommerce full 2 way integration

Now that v11 is almost ready, woocommerce is now the only best alternative to the too expensive shopify.

There are few important things missing.

First one is 2 way sync. First reason is for item quantity in stock.

What I’m about to do is:
I want to be able to manage all my products directly in ERPNext and use ERPNext as a PIM (Product Information Management)

  • Short description, long description, item price, quantity, images, meta tags, categories, attributes and more. Everything needed in woo commerce will be in ERPNext.
    Then sync everything with woo commerce automatically so I don’t have to do that again and again and everything update automatically if I change something in erpnext (qty, price, description, pictures).

I already found a company willing to work on this and I’m ready to pay for it. But I’m wondering if I’m the only one looking for that?

I don’t see any other way of having a online store with erpnext. Right now it’s really a pain to sync all order manually, inventory and prices.


I’m interested.

How much is the cost?

I can invest a little in the connector and later release it as opensource.

What about this?


this is the module that I was talking about but it doesn’t do all I want. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Good Day

I am actually also waiting for v11 and Woocommerce connector to do 2 way sync. If this could be done then it could almost being considered as a “lazy man business” as you can sync your supplier products from their side automatically update ERPNext and Woocommerce sell the goods and receive the fruit of being on auto pilot. This cycle could just repeat . . . .

Thank You for everyones contributions so far and hope all will be done soon.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

@Samuel_Gervais Two way Woocommerce integration would be great if you could add it to the main ERPNext codebase when completed. Any quality 2 way integration with 3rd party apps only makes ERPNext a better product.

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Yes this is what I would like to do.

Hi Samuel,

just a short question about woocommerce 2-way sync.
Did you start implementation yet?
Do you need any help?

Thanks, Markus

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it is always best practice (in my eyes) to have the code open for everyone from the beginning. Especially in such a case more eyes and brains on the project will either make the result better, or get there faster (or even both).

if the code was published and the repository posted here someone like @birduser would probably just have contributed to it already. Others may involve with it with testing, etc.
So, from the perspective of code quality and speed of delivery releasing the code from the start is always the best idea.

I didn’t do anything yet. I have the Woocommerce plugin from jamaliinfo but it need to be tweaked. But this connector remains all on Woocommerce and nothing on erpnext which is a nice thing.

I’m still interested to figure out a working solution. I need it but I dont have much time for it right now.

I would suggest documenting all ERPNext APIs. There is no properly documentation anywhere. There are some directives but not all the details.

Then maybe use some time of middleware for all integrations. Using middleware like WSO2, which is also open source.

To search and read is to learn from others, for example Search results for 'crud erpnext api' - ERPNext Forum

Not what I asked for but yeah.

So what you refer to then is documenting say the ‘connector’ code - in that case test side code, to validate and confirm that interfaces still work as expected, and detect what breaks with code changes, makes ideal sense to maintain healthy code.

So in the case of shopify, a search like this

frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name 'test*.py' | xargs grep shopify

will turn up tests limited to settings, but nothing more it seems?


For example tests to exercise and confirm that data sync transactions, these do not exist. That is a sensible goal as you suggest but takes initiative to develop and contribute

Has anyone been able to achieve 2-way sync?

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I’m still looking for a solution but I dont have time right now.

anyone has solution

Still looking

Whats the best way to implement woo commerce with items

Would I add items in erp next and sync or

Add items in woo commerce and sync

Any body has the full 2 ways WOO integration up and running?