Woocommerce full integration with ERPNext

Given the time we are living now, how about a full integration with woocommerce? Or maybe another platform that we can help clients have for their online stores?

I’ve seen in the forum that there hasn’t been a stable solution to have a 2 way sync between online shop and our ERPNext.

So how about we build something with tools like this?

Any ideas are welcome, I am planing to start during this weekend because I need it desperately. The idea is not to develop or maybe not a lot but to have a service like zapper to do all API calls between the 2 platforms.


did you find a solution for 2 way sync of products, orders between erpnext and woocommerce? looking to sync erpnext → woocommerce, not vice versa

Any particular reason for requiring order sync from ERPNext → woocommerce? Or do you need product sync only?

erpnext → woocommerce product sync is needed and order status. I want to integrate same erpnext instance with multiple wp sites (3-4), so I need to set up correctly from the beginning. I will be too lazy to update product info on each site, it can and needs to be done automatically.

but also of course need customer, new order data sync to erpnext from woocommerce

Sincronizacion bidireccional entre ERPNExt y Woocommerce en Version 13 es factible y 100% operativa siempre y cuando tengas productos individuales, con las variantes estoy trabajando ya que solo me copia una variante en Woocomerce