WooCommerce ID missing

Hi There
Please, please help. The woocommerceconnector drives me crazy:

Syncing products incl. price and stock successful.

Added erpnext-woocommerce ID to SKU in woocommerce
Added erpnext-woocommerce ID to barcode field on every product (bottom of item page, hub publishing details)

Did purchases on woocommerce store. no purchases got synched back to erpnext.

Then I synched Woocommerce IDs to ERPNEXT.
Got Errors for all my products “WooCommerce ID missing”

Now I saved every product in erpnext again without changes.
Then I synched Woocommerce IDs to ERPNEXT again.

Now I had every item double in woocommerce shop as draft…

I really tried and tested many things now.
What the heck I am doing wrong. Please help. :sob:

Ok. now I added EAN Barcodes to erpnext items and its counterparts on woocommerce.

Still Wocommerce ID missing message