Woocommerce integration-How to do?

I tried https://erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/erpnext_integration/woocommerce_integration

But,was not able to fetch the order from woocommerce to erpnext . What may be the reason ?

I created the api keys and secret,set the web hooks in woocommerce and created orders but it wasnt fetching .Is there some action i need to do from erpnext?

Same here . Can Anyone help ?

I have made 0 attempts to get woocomerce integration working, but first step in such a situation I’d say was to search the forum for existing Topics the subject.

Is there any wisdom for your situation?

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I don’t understand why are looking for wisdom in a help even before making 0 attempts.
I have asked for help only after going through the documentation and existing topics, as I am unable to get to work.

Woocommerce and ERPNext integration needs active web urls for both Woocommerce and ERPNext servers.
(generally running in production environment)

If you need to test the setup locally, a tunneling service is required.
e.g. https://localtunnel.me

Check woocommerce logs if you find errors there


1.when i am creating an order, there are multiple pending Scheduled Actions Created.I had to manually run them to push the data to erp. Do i have to do some other setup in woocommerce as well ?

2. Is there a way to sync ERPNext item master to Woocommerce ?

I think this has something to do with scheduled actions configuration of woocommerce 3.5

I don’t know how this works exactly.

Not available right now.

It is possible to add the feature by using woocommerce rest api WooCommerce REST API Documentation - WP REST API v3 (for interested developers)

Mapping erpnext item and variants to woocommerce product and product variants will be a challenge.

What is available at both ends is CSV imports/exports

Woocommerce CSV - Product CSV Importer and Exporter Documentation - WooCommerce

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vrms just requests your ‘wisdom’ that is, for you to note what you have tried: instructions followed, expected and actual result - like you have done in your follow up post # 6

The goal is to contribute your learning - think of it as a help document you and all of us can point to.



i am also trying to integrate but no sale order is created. if anyone can help

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As mentioned debug tips by @revant_one , i was able to solve it by following the below steps

  1. Ignore on webhook save Error related to Delivery URL
  2. Enabled word press debug true
  3. Wait for few min for the error log to refresh and check the error log in Woocommerce >Status > Log > Select “webhook delivery - related log” and if you scroll down you will able to find the exact frappe error , in my case the default customer_group and territory was not set in the “Selling Settings” in ERPNext.

Thanks a lot !

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What is the scenario, if we use multi tenant over port?

Eg- siteaddress:port

I have the same woocommerce error.