Woocommerce integration: "Route must be unique"

I had some problems to integrate Woo with ERPNext. Checking the Woo-Webhook-Log I found 2 things:

  • Name of the Customergroup in ERP did not fit (most likely I changed the auto-created name)
  • The default unit “NOS” was not working. So I changed in ERPNExt the default unit from empty to “Pcs”.

Now, when trying to activate and save it, I get the error message “Route must be unique”. Couldn’t find any information about this issue.

Advice would be much appreciated

Anyone can help ?

Always , woo with erp next is a gray area.

we can not find much, even support docs did not give you much details
like need to equal all fields related to sales order and customer.
what are the fields need to match etc…
just trial and error

too sad.

I just hope like

  1. install woo.
  2. install erp next.
  3. follow integration steps.
  4. test data sync- give us a mismatch data field something.
  5. boom, integration complete and you can make sales order.

so far we do not have that.

If anyone can help will be great thing now…