Woocommerce shipping tax

Hello - I recently started using ERPNext and integrated into my woocommerce site. When a sale is made it successfully trasmits to ERPNext and creates a sales order. However, the tax charged on shipping is not populating in ERPNext as tax, rather as an additional shipping/freight charge.

Is there anyway to change this behavior? Since I cannot edit this sale, I am having to delete and recreate to keep taxes separated properly.

Hi Corey how where you able to set Woo to successfully trasmits to ERPNext and creates a sales order? I have tried everything i’ve seen on youtube and google and nothing works. I’m running V12

The setup went pretty smooth following this: https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/erpnext_integration/woocommerce_integration

I’m using v12 as well on a live site, everything externally reachable via https addresses.

I’ve made a couple of test transactions. Both had the same issue with shipping tax being reflected as a shipping cost.

The orders are not editable (wish they were) and I need to be able to configure how the information is imported.

So now that I have phpmyadmin installed, I looked at the sales order. It appears as though the information came over correctly in the dB identifying it as ‘Shipping’Tax’:

					<th class="text-left">Item</th>
					<th class="text-right">Taxable Amount</th>
					<th class="text-right">Ordered Item tax</th>
					<th class="text-right">Shipping Tax</th>
					<th class="text-right">Shipping Total</th>
				<td>woocommerce - 34721</td>
				<td class='text-right'>
						$ 5.06
						<td class='text-right'>
								$ 0.40
						<td class='text-right'>
								$ 0.42
						<td class='text-right'>
								$ 5.26

I am back to thinking this has something to do with the FORM or some relational connection it makes to ‘Shipping Tax’. How can I change or remap this to a Tax versus Freight charge?