WordPress Website to be Integrated with a new implemented ERPNext, Is it Possible?

In most cases when you implement a new ERP to a client, you find that he already has a Website that is most probably developed by WordPress. So, who can advice how to integrate an old website with the ERPNext with minimum efforts making good use of the current features of the ERPNext Website Module.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mr. Essam,

You have two solutions
1- there is the basic solution provided by ERPNext itself more details
2- We develop a solution deep integration from woocomerce to ERPNext and vise versa we shipped it as is licensed application with support and we
customize it also I can provide you with the details if you interest contact me on alaa@petoasis.com.sa


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عصام الطوانسي

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by using erpnext restful API and webhooks, also in WordPress, you have webhooks. so things work great. it depends on the requirement to manage how is the integration exactly happen , like one way from wordpress to erpnext or two ways or from erpnext to wordpress >

Wordpress website cms is more rich in features than ERPNEXT, so why use it ?

Plus with every change in theme the ERPNext CMS will need customization.

If you’re looking for woocommerce then there is 2 way sync available and we have updated that app to be used with V12 and added new features. It is an open source licence so you can deploy and test it out.

Good luck.