Work Flow (Work Order) Problem

Created Work Order WO-0000019 for 2,000 Qty of Item 246-005. It appears have to have exactly 2,000 made. If, we make 1980 at a step (ie: 1st Operation) it gives a message The Total Qty (1980) must be equal to Qty to Manufacture (2000). This has a hard stop and will not allow to submit until fixed. I’d like to say our BOM and processes are so perfect that we can make the same qty from raw material each time but they are not. This also happens if we try and make over the Qty to Manufacture. Say (2,020) pcs. (See screen shot) We need to be able to have a tolerance of say 10 or 20% over or under the Qty to Manufacture and it allows but (could give a warning) (like what is in Manufacturing Settings see below). Right now job card is held up until exactly 2000 pcs is put in for the Total Completed Qty. What are companies doing to get around this?

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I don’t know if there is a better solution but currently what we are doing is changing the Status of Work Order to close and moving forward.

Do give this a try.

Yogi Yang

Thanks Yogi. What about job cards? Are you closing these too?

The only way is to put a lower quantity in “Qty to Manufacture” in job card :

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Thank-you Frederic, I will look into your suggestion. It sounds like a good solution.