Work On Progress Warehouses in multi-company setup


1- I have Created 2 companies … manged by the same team

2- then created 3 new warehouses for each company,

3- Then Manufactured Product 1 in Company A - No problem all is good

Now i need to Manufacture Product 2 in Company B

4- added the correct row martial to “company B” Warehouses

5- In BOM I selected Company B for Product 2

6- In production order for Product 2 i can only see the Warehouses for Company A ,

What did i do wrong ? I am stuck there for over a week now !!


This would be pretty obvious but … have you chosen Company B in the Work Order (I guess that’s what you mean when you say “production order”?)

what is Work Order ?? is it in manufacturing module ?

There is nothing in Production order to select company

ok , in the below link the work order looks the same as Production order, don’t know why but it has the exact same look.

still No place to select company !!

Its the same, just renamed.
From one company to the other you’ll have to sell or transfer the material.

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guessing the same. term “Production Order” was changed to “Work Order”. Even in one of the pictures from the manual entry you have posted it still says “Production Order”

below is how it looks in v11 (with the Company as a obligatory filed on the top right of the form.

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Thank you alot,

I will upgrade to the new version then. I have 10.1.75