Work Order of Item with Template BOM from Production Planning Tool

Dear Friends

This issue relates to:
ERPNext: v14.2.3 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.10.0 (version-14)
Frappe HR: v1.0.0 (develop)

I am trying to use Template BOM but facing roadblocks such as:

  1. I have a Sales Order for a Variant Item:
    Variant Item STK-00023-1 (manufacturer based variant of item STK-00023)
    This Item’s Default BOM is a Template BOM BOM-STK-00023-001 (with operations)

  2. I make a production Plan from the Sales Order and
    fetch “Finished Goods for Manufacturing” - ok
    “Get Raw Materials for production” - ok (some of these, obviously, are Variant Items as these come from Template BOM)
    a) FL-40A690V (Template Item)
    b) STK-00015 (Template Item)
    c) STK-00025 (NOT a Template Item)

  3. I Save & Submit the Production Plan.

  4. I Create “Work Order” and successfully get on made: MFG-WO-2022-00010
    This is where, I feel, the problem starts:
    The Work order created above never asked for the Variants of Items to be used in Manufacturing

  5. I then choose to do materials transfer based on “Job Cards”

  6. Save & Submit the Work Order: MFG-WO-2022-00010, 4 Job Cards get created one for each operation in Template BOM

  7. I select the first Operation Job Card
    use “Material Transfer” button to do it (it is a Raw Material, Non-Template Item)
    System generates a Stock Entry - ok

  8. I start the job card and use “Complete Job” Button when done.

  9. I select the next 2 Job Cards (which do not have any Material Transfer involved) and complete these.

  10. The fourth Job Card, for Assembly of Finished Item, involves transfer of materials
    these contain Template Items which trickled in the flow from Template BOM.
    On attempting Material transfer for this Job Card, System gives error, and correctly so,
    for the Template Item Rate being missing.

My point is, when the Work Order was created in point no. 4 above, why did the System not ask for Variant Items.

On the other hand, if i create a work order from within the Template BOM BOM-STK-00023-001, the System asks to give names of Variants of each of the Template Items in the BOM.

Please advise where I am going wrong in this.

Thanks in advance