Work order - Serial No and Batch for Finished Good - Batch size

hello , if i create a work order with 10000 unit to manufacture and i put in the “batch size” filed inside the “Serial No and Batch for Finished Good” section 2500 that means that i defined 2500 units to be saved in the batch .

what happened for the other 7500 units i produced , where should be saved . ???

Hi @hayyan_daood,

When you create a work order, the “batch size” field refers to the number of units to be saved in each batch. If you specify a batch size of 2500 units and create a work order for 10000 units, then the remaining 7500 units will be saved in separate batches, each with a unique batch number. You can use the batch number to track and manage inventory for each batch separately.

Please try and check it.

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thankyou for reply .
Those separate batches you mentioned , are they automatically added to batch list with unique number .

When you create a work order with a batch size, the system will automatically generate unique batch numbers for each batch. As you complete the production process for each batch, the system will create a new batch with a new unique batch number for the remaining units. You can see the list of all batches created for a specific item in the “Batch” section of the item’s master, which displays all batch details, including the batch number, production date, and expiry date (if applicable).

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it helped me . thank you .
i did check the “automatically create new batch” and it worked just fine .
thank you for contribution .