Work Order without BOM?

Hi all, I am looking to create a work order without BOM. I have been reading regarding the
subcontracting, but I was wondering if I can create a work order for just the service.
for example, a work order for IT services to fix a computer, since we are not using any materials, this becomes just a labor transaction type.
any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

In ERPNext, you should create an Sales Order with “Maintenance” type for that kind of purpose

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Thank you for responding, when I create a sales order for maintenance, it still asks me to include an item. is there a work around for this?

@5p00f3r you can use generic items, like “Maintenance”, and change the description on the way

You probably want to define a service item ERPNext for Service Organization

Thank you @max_morais_dmm for your help. I tried that and it somewhat works.

Thank you @clarkej this solution looks like it will work for me. Thank you!:innocent: