Work station availability

HI everyone,

We run a continuous manufacturing operation that requires a specific set of tools called dies.

When we plan, we would like to be able to determine which product we can create based on the availability of the dies. We have tried to use the workstation status feature, but the production planning process is still creating work orders for products even though the die (workstation) is not available.

After hours of searching through ERPnext documentation, we would be really grateful if someone could point us in the right direction.


Is it possible the Manufacturing Setting:
“Capacity Planning For (Days)” helps? It looks like
this is set for 30 days as the default.

So you want the order creation to be dependent on a condition.

The condition is somehow linked to the workstation.
You probably use the Manufacturing > Workstation > > “Workstation Status” register > Status
field to set it to unavailable.

So you need to find a way to make the creation of the work order or job card (I’m not sure how you set this up) dependent on this field’s content.

Maybe some custom script might help, if nothing else.