Workaround for Repair Shop

Hi Guys,

I would like to have some advice for the following situation.
We have 2 repair shops and both will have inventory management => Materials and Accessoires.

1 => Customers can drop-off their device in both shops.
2 => Repair Order will be created and printed as a receipt for the customer
3 => Repair Order needs to be managed (in progress, needs materials, etc.)
4 => Repair Order Finished => Invoice Print


  1. Add extra costs to repair order by materials
  2. Add product (for example cover, headphone etc.)

Some clients comes to the shop just for a product (cover, headphones etc.)
We want to use the Point of Sale for this.

Do we need to develop a module for this? Or can we use the features that already ERPNext have?

Thanks in advance for your help/advice.

Gr. Amin

Hi Amin,

I’ve got the exact same problem as you. Have you found how to implement this?


Hi @ecollot

you will be able to already do this with ERPNext. The keyword here would be “Production Order” for your repairs. If customers just by the cover or headphone you will be using “Sales Order”.

Both methods can use materials from the same stock.

Hi Emilie,

Yes, we created a custom module “repair order” with a custom work flow.
It’s fully integrated with a website where user can book repairs.
I can show a demo, so you get a better impression.
Just send me a PM.


Gr. Amin

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amin any demo