Workflow Action by multiple users simultaneously

In workflow is it possible to expect approvals from multiple roles simultaneously and change the status only when approval received from all the roles?

Eg: Leave application needs to be approved by multiple departments. But this has to happen in sequence. Is it possible that any of the departments give their approval irrespective of the approvals from other departments. Finally if only all departments approve, the status of the application changes to Approved.

try this in your own local instance?

Logically , workflow means levels of approval , in case of simultaneous any user can approve at any time & final status will displayed therefore in this case there is no need of workflow.
Sequence is also related to levels of approval. you can apply any one case from above.

What if we wants two user with different roles not others? consider we have 2 role A and B with totally different role profile, but we want to give them edit permission of any Doctype lets say Sales Order at a same workflow state? then what will be the solution to this.

@Patel_Aasif all you need do is set the same workflow transition rules and set the state to repeat for both roles. So for instance

If State = “Accept” then Action “Approve” → New State = Proceed: Role A
if State = “Proceed” then Action “Approve” → New State = Proceed: Role B

This way you achieve your intended result.

Hope this helps.

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@flexy2ky I did try this, but for Role B. Custom fields are not showing

@Patel_Aasif you have to check to ensure Role B has all the doctype permissions required.

@flexy2ky yeah checked, All the desire permissions are given.
I added an document section in the Sales Order, were Role B will upload document. this section is not showing, Note: Role B will not be the owner of the Sales Order becouse he did not have access to create sales order he always modify the sales order created by Role A.