Workflow Action remains open after final approval


I am getting a “Workflow Open” pile up in Workflow Action [v11] even though the workflow state in the doctype has changed to “Approved”. Is there any modification needed in the workflow setup to change the status to closed?

Can you please share steps to replicate this with screenshots and post it as a bug on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


I also noticed this when i just updated and started using v11 yesterday. Any update on this so far?

it’s a quite tricky to regenrate this issue.
on any document with workflow, if we mange to doubleclick on Action -->Approve , it’ll jump one state from workflow. if the 2nd state is Approved, document will stock there with Docstatus=0.

@adnan how can i check docstatus? I would like to track down changes of a delivery note as it goes through my workflow state. This is my current workflow.

Is it necessary to create permissions for Workflow Action and Workflow Action Master for specific roles that do the approvals and submissions?

Is this issue has been resolved? I am using ERPNext v13 beta-4. Observed the same issue.