Workflow Approved user List

Dear all ,

please check the approval username is not coming in the custom print format print

{%- for action in frappe.get_all('Workflow Action', filters={'reference_name':}, fields=['workflow_state','user', 'creation']) %}
    <td>{{ }}</td>
    <td>{{ action.user }}</td>
    <td>{{ action.creation }}</td>
{%- endfor %}
Action User Date

After fields in the get function try giving as_dict = 1
It returns a tuple without the as_dict parameter.

{%- for action in frappe.get_all(‘Workflow Action’, filters={‘reference_name’:}, fields=[‘workflow_state’, ‘user’, ‘creation’], as_dict=1) %}

{{ }} {{ action.user }} {{ action.creation }} {%- endfor %}


Just try once