Workflow Condition

I want document status changed based on some information
example , (from Pending to Approved ) only if **field payment term template ** is 100% in advance .
without human approve is that possible

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Look for the document Workflow list, this is exactly what you want:

I have a question if you don’t mind, how is different authorization rule doctype from conditions in workflow?

From what I understand, the Authorization rule is used with Core doctype and only for certain fields.

In fact I never used Authorization Rule yet, so I won’t be able to explain much about it.
I always use Workflow for custom doctype or, depending on the depth of the condition for the flow, I use a hook.

I can not found what i want ( i want document tack action based in some available data)

Then you’ll need to do it using a hook/event in your custom app (preferably).
From there you can do whatever you want based on given data.
Something like this:

doc_events = {
    'Customer': {
        'onload': [


def on_customer_before_save(doc, handler=None):
    #do what you want from here

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Done by custom code,


Please share your solution

Hi Ashraf Would you mind if you share the solution