Workflow conditiondoubt

the condition is the work flow will work when hr get checked

if this is working then ok, otherwise you can use for check value
not for uncheck value

not working

screenshot please

this is the problem when i submit a general message the with checking hr the reporting authority also getting it withoiut the action
G = HR
AS =Reporting authority

@Shubham_Prabhat1 and not doc.reporting_authority


not and doc.reporting_authority

either and !doc.reporting_authority


! and doc.reporting_authority

try this both condition for each condition field

what if the both get checked

this code is working or not??

can’t submit,
i think


You can add one more row/rule in transition rules

Submitted—save--------state_name-----whom to send for approval(role name)

condition will be and doc.reporting_authority

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