Workflow confusion

im a little bit confuse about the workflow last approval. i cant find the error whats causing the final approval and reject in my workflow i made … i just copied the flow on your example in …i cant understand why on my workflow has no reject on the action … can you please help me with this maybe i miss something on the permissions… below is the screenshot of the final stage of approval on a workflow.

Can u share screen shots for your workflow transition rule

Change Rejected doc state to 2 and remove cancel state. If doc is rejected at some level the nevel level should be draft

i already change rejected to 2 then i removed the cancel state .in every rejected doc the next state would be draft …is that what you mean?? so i change the rejected to draft …it says draft is not a valid state…

You can create one state with the name draft or else keep the cancel state as it is because it is just a name. Cancel doesn’t mean that system is actually going to cancel that document

still not working same error

You might want to check the roles that you have

i already given all the permission on branch manager…can you help me where should i start checking the permissions…

  1. Check your User, see what roles you have
  2. Probably, the User that you are using has this case:
    given that User has both Role A and B
    Role A has Approve and doesnt have Reject
    Role B has Approve and does have Reject
    you should not have both Role A and B at the same time

are you saying i cant give them same permission at the same time…

Yes because it will overlap one another. So it should be like this

Role A - can approve, can reject
Role B - can approve

If you want Person A can approve and reject, Person A should have role A only.

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Thank you for the clarifications …

Youre welcome, glad to help

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