Workflow Doctype clarification

hi was wonderign if workflow DocType presnet in the ERPNext app is anew workflow or is just the same workflow Model present in the Frappe Framework.
Morevoer may someone tell me a use case for the update_field and update_value fields that occur in the Workflow model?

many thanks for your great support


ERPNext uses frappe framework so the doc type so workflow is available in both places.

Update Field and Update Value can be used to assign values to doc type fields when “State” Changes.For eg:Whenever account manager approves , the territory value in quotation should change to United States.

Thanks Pawan for your answer.

please confirm me if the following is correct:

The Frappe Framework execution flow when is processing an istance will check the WorkFlow table to see if any work flow is active for that Doctype to which the doc iunstance belong to. Is such entry exist, the workflow defined will be executed.
Whats happens If more workflows exists ( more row in the Workflow table) for the same instance) ? The ambiguity is not possible because just one active workflow can occur for each doctype.