Workflow Doubt Help me to acheive this

bro it is for searching


filtering i mean

add Leave Application Permission to employee also

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start working?

i think i need to permit manually for accessing documents

did not work?

it got worked when i cleared this

it not worked properly now the recommender and approver recieving the document

Try this,
Here Levae Approver is Recomender and Director is WSS Approver

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worked with this

What if the WSS Approver is Approved and after that, the WSS Approver is Reject Leave Application

in this case you can give the permission to employee, or who created

what problem you are facing ?

Now everytimg is working fine

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can we hide the leave approver

@amal_31845 hide from where?

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the leave approver from the leave application because the leave approver is a standard field and iit i mandatory one so i cant hide or delete it

Okay, then set Administrator by Default in Leave Approver and then Hide

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when i add ne w employee with role i need to remove their permissions from set permissions after that it will get works

i need to clear these permission to employeee get te leave application access