Workflow Doubt Help me to acheive this

this is the documents can qany one help m to acheive this

What issue are you facing exactly ?

when an employee apply for leave i want it to go to the recommender then after to the approver i have done a workflow when employee apply for leave the recommender dont get any type application in his page

I didn’t properly understand your requirement. Could you please explain it again?

there will be two leave approvers
the ist one is Recommender
2nd one is WSS approver
when a employee apply for leave it will first approve or rejected by the Recommender
then the approved application is go to the wss approver he can approve or reject it the rejected application from recommender go to the employee as rejected

If an application is once rejected by the recommender, then the rejected application should not be sent to the WSS approver.


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yes correct @Shubham_Prabhat1

Try this

the application is not coming on the recommender side

And delete 4th and 5th row from Transition rules

workflow’s active box checked?

it is not working bro there is some issue in allocating permission top the employee who have the role
yes checked

Look on the right corner of the recommender leave application list page

who will Create Leave Application?

employee needs to create leave application

the recommender is also an employee with the role Recommnder

check role permission manager

here you can find the permission i have granted to the person who have role

here is the permission manager for recommender

do like this also