Workflow doubt please help me to acheive

when a employee submits it should go to the appropriate person for that i have already written
a condition inside 1st and 2nd transition
Screenshot 2023-10-26 165446

thisis the transition rules

but it is going as draft state i need it to go to wss recommender or to rd recomender

If you have the action as save, are you clicking on the action button and then clicking on the save?
Because the save button will be there whenever you make any changes to the doc, so not to be confused with the save within the action button…

If that is not the case, then could you please explain the use case for creating this workflow in the employee doctype? (It is the employee doctype right?)

My Use case is there will be
->A recommender with recommender role will be in each department
eg: the department name is windrolinx(Wss) the recommender is Wss recommender
Research & Development(RD) is a department then the recommender is RD
->There is also Approver for each department with role
eg: Wss Approver
RD approver

The condition is
when an employee from Wss Department apply for leave it should ist go to the wss recommender when he approves it should go to wss approver
if recommender rejects it it should go to rejected state

same for rd department
it should not go to other department autority

Then you need a workflow in the leave application doctype.
I’m not sure if department field exists in the application, if not, with a custom field for department, you can set the approval condition as doc.department should be equal to the session user’s department (to be taken from the employee doctype).

i have crated a workflow it is not working properly