Workflow error after updation

Hi there,
I am facing a strange issue in workflow.
I have created workflow for Leave Application which incorporates three level of Approval.
I’ll Paste the workflow as well for the reference.
The issue is that i have set the state applied with docstatus = 0, so when i create a leave application and save it, it does not let to approve.
Earlier before updation of frappe app my workflow was working fine.
I earlier used frappe version 7.1.27
Thanks in advance.

Please help us with the workflow and also the error message received when trying to approve it.
Update should not effect the workflows though. Will try to replicate the issue in test account and revert if this is a bug.

This error is solved.
Rather i m facing another issue regarding this.
You can close this thread i ll Open a new thread for the respective error.