Workflow for attendance

Hi !!

I am recently creating workflows, for attendance I have created a workflow such that my Supervisor enters the attendance and my manager approves it. In such scenarios, when my Supervisor updates the attendance via Employee Attendance Tool, it automatically submits instead of saving. But when attendance is entered individually in HR->Attendance, the attendance is saved and it is waiting for the approval of my manager for submitting… please help me to sort it out . Thank you in Advance!

Hi there,

What is the behavior you are trying to achieve?


The attendance entered by my HR manager user needs to be approved by my Manager. On approval of my manager only it should be submitted.

You’ll have to customize the Employee Attendance Tool if you want it to interact with your workflow. Right now, it doesn’t follow workflow pathways.

Alternately, you could create a Server Script that prevents submission of Attendance docs unless the workflow state is “Approved by Manager”.

Okay! Thank you!!