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I created a custom workflow for Purchase Order, but it messed up the status of the PO. I want to retain the default status values of PO (Open, To Receive & bill, To Invoice etc) and have a separate custom field totrack the status of workflow. My workflow status will bejust Pending, Approved, Rejected. I tried this by setting the update field in workflow status to a custom field.It still didn’t work. ANy ideason how it can be achieved? Thanks.

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will check into it in the next week and update you.

@nabinhait please ping me when working on it.


As per the standard design, if a Workflow is found for a document, then status is replaced with the Workflow State field. Status field is still updated in the backend, but in the document and list view, it’s replaced with the workflow state field (standard or custom).

Please create Github Issue to suggest that standard Status field to not replace with the Workflow State field.

@umair I created the issue Custom Workflow - Standard Status field should not be replaced with the Workflow State field · Issue #4972 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and completely forgot to mention it here.
Is this a quick fix that can be deployed fast? Thanks @umair.

Any updates on this issue?

@umair did this issue get any traction? could you please bump? Thanks.

Hi @umair,

Looking forward to this! Has there been any update?
We would like to be able to do this on Material Request, as Standard Statuses are very useful.

Thank you.


Request to follow up for this feature via following Github Issue.

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