Workflow for pricing of new purchase items

What is the usual workflow for pricing of the items from the new purchase order?

I am trying to onboard our company to use ERPNext. One thing that is giving me trouble is that in currently used software when new purchase order is being created you calculate new prices on the same document. You would give a margin percentage and it would calculate purchase_price x tax x margin_percentage. So that you don’t have to think about that later.

How is that handled in ERPNext?

We have to manually update the item prices in Standard ERPNext. You can achieve the above requirement through customization. Check this thread for more details. Setup auto Selling rate based on purchase rate - #3 by shreyansh

One question: You are referring to “Purchase Order” - what is the basis of that new price? On what would the margin sit?

I am asking because for a Sales side, the purchase can be the basis. But for buying a service, it is the seller which decides the price and there is no particular generic method. Yes, the organization might have its own policy of x% rise per year etc. Or, maybe you would like to have new price as last purchase price + margin.

All the way I am assuming you are not talking about Sales Order.

Had it been my case, I would have:

  1. created a script on a purchase order which, on submit, runs through the Items list and then perform maths (as per policy) and set the price list price in the Purchase Order Item.
  2. Another way could have been to update the purchase specific price list when last purchase receipt was submitted.

But, this is much more clearer from Sales angle:

  1. For each sale (either of order or invoice), just use a Pricing Rule that has margin set.
  2. Custom Script that runs before Sale Order/invoice is saved/submitted and updates the price_list rate field on Sales Order/Invoice item. Margin calculation would done automatically based on pricing rule.

On a second though, the pricing rule based margin is also applicable on the Purchase side.

I just saw this in the documentation. Which is actually what I was looking for.

Because when you buy new products from distributor, distributor prices change and market prices might also change. So if my usual margin rate is 15% I can just ajust it at purchase order.

I mean distributor prices are usualy different at every new purchase, especially in these “korona” times. So if i got something in January for $12 and am selling it for $15 and than I buy same thing in May at $14 per item I will want to change selling price to $16 immediately at the time of purchase.