Workflow issue while submitting

Firstly, great piece of software! :slight_smile:
I am having issues with a workflow am trying to create. It works well with all the states & transition except the last ’ submit ’ .

When i click on “Approve” at the last stage , it shows error “No permission to submit” and does not change the state. But after this if i save it using ctrl+s , the state changes to Successful . I am not sure if this is a bug or something wrong with the definitions of my workflow.Hence i have attached all the necessary.

Workflow states :

Workflow Transition :

Workflow Diagram :

Any help will be wonderful! :slight_smile:

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As step zero, please check if you have role of QA Manager assigned to you. As per the Workfow, only QA Manager has permission to submit. But error message suggest that you don’t have QA Role assigned to your Profile.


I have given the role to my profile. Also there is a dummy user which plays the role of QA Manager. But the error persists. I wonder how does it work when i save it using ctrl+s .
(Save button is disabled due to the error.)



Am facing the same issue. Was there a solution to this I could follow?
Thanks in advance.