Workflow issues on Sales Order

I’ve been having some issues with workflow state, it seems very prone to stop working when related to a Sales Order… Has anyone managed to setup a workflow for that DocType successfully?

I’ve setup 6 Workflow States, transition rules for all of them and assigned that Workflow to Sales Order and made it active. However despite having the states all set to 0 - Saved they do not appear for any SOs.

If I logout then back in the workflow dropdown is available but blank

Workflow setup:

Can anyone assist?


OK I might have made some progress. States need to have an Update Field and Value set?

Is there any way to allow the same set of Workflow States after Submit or do you have to add the same set again with Docstatus option set to 1 Submitted?

Also, is editing of the Sales Order status values (or adding to the list allowed)? Would be nice to write the Workflow State to the overall Job Status if possible.

Thanks again!

Its best to create a separate workflow state field. The current status field may be tied in with certain validations, so its best not to disturb it.

Yes good advice. I’ve set it to update workflow_state and it’s working very well. I especially like how the Sales Order prompts for Submit status when you cross a 0 Docstatus into 1 Docstatus as well. Very nice automation.

Workflow states is one of the biggest advantages ERPNext has over any of the “pre-configured” job management systems available in my opinion.