Workflow modelling

I’ve been looking at your system and from my initial review it seems very adaptable but I’ve been trying to see if it’s possible to do the following. As things could be labelled different I don’t want to dismiss it thinking it’s not able to do something when it can.

We currently work on about 1000 different contracts a year. Each contract could have multiple sales enquiry’s but not always for the same products. Each of these contracts can either have products purchased directly from suppliers via a purchase order or allocated products directly from stock. Is it possible to set up something similar?

Below is a simplified image for representation.


You should track Enquiries as Opportunity in ERPNext. In Opportunity, you can define Customer/Lead from whom Enquiry has come. Also you can list items/products they have shown interest in.

Against Opportunity, create Quotation and then Sales Order/Contract/Work Order Number. When creating Sales Order, you will be able to see stock availability for each item. If stock is available, you can create Delivery Note against it right away. If stock is not available, you can create Material Request/Indent from Sales Order. Against Material Request, Purchase Order can be created.

Check following videos for more help:

Lead to Quotation: Frappe Cloud
Sales Order: Frappe Cloud
Purchase Order: Frappe Cloud

Cheers umair, I’ve forwarded your reply on to my colleague who initially raised this enquiry.