Workflow notification to a specific user

Hello all,
Is there any way an email notification regarding the workflow stage is sent to a specific user in workflow?
For example:
For a workflow transition related to the HR manager, only one of the HR managers should receive an email.
If A and B are both HR managers, only A should receive an email notification regarding the next workflow state.
Is there any way this can be set somewhere in workflow conditions or is it possible to achieve this through customizations?

Thank you for reading.

This issue has been highlighted in different threads and the short answer is “yes” and “no”. “Yes” because it is possible to specify A as recipient of the notification. But “No” it is not straightforward. You have you use a unique property within the doctype to specify who should receive the notification or create specific roles for specific type of scenarios and use a combination of conditions and transition rules to achieve it.

The workaround I implemented is a bit complex so I cannot go into details here but while it is doable, it is not simple. For a particular doctype workflow, my workflow transition is nearly 8 pages! took me nearly 3 weeks to design and modifying it is a pain but it works. @szufisher was trying to develop simpler workflow to cater for this challenge some time ago but he didn’t get the support he required so it could not be merged to core.

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Hello @sabiyamalbari
I am also facing the same issue. did you fix it?