Workflow on Timesheet

Hello Everyone,

In one of our current project client wants to set up a workflow on a timesheet. Following are the client’s requirements:

  1. Employees fill the timesheet and should have the option to save throughout the week & submission should be done at the end of the Week.
  2. Employees should have the option to submit the timesheet for approval at the weekend & on submit workflow to be triggered
  3. System Notification should go to Approver for seeking Approval. ( Here client want approval to be triggered to the employee’s Supervisor/Manager & not based on role)
  4. Once the timesheet is approved Particular users for Accounts and HR should receive system notification regarding the approval.

We tried configuring this using role “leave approver” and added user permission, but still, an approval email notification is sent out to all users who have Leave approver as a role.

Any Solution?


This is not available out of the box but can be configured using Custom fields, custom scripts and email notifications or custom app.

Hey! In the document, you need to add a custom field (link type) to select a specific user for it. In setting up notifications, you need to write a script so that the notification is sent to the user specified in this field when certain conditions are met.

@Pavlina @Pawan Thanks for your suggestions, we found a solution by creating a custom app .