Workflow setup for Attendance Request

I have setup the notification, as below, which is used to send an email when i save this “Attendance request” Doctype

below is the email which is send

Now, i want to add a button (name : Approve), to approve the attendance request, and submit this Attendance request.
Need help how can i do this, any suggestion is appreciated
I had made the notification standard, so that a .md, .json, .py file is made in backend
I think i need to make an API + .md file to make proper flow, anyone know how to do exactly…

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Hey mate, you might want to consider workflows.
Workflow Actions

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Yes, you are right, now i am trying to setup the workflow
getting some issue

below is the States in workflow

below is the transition state

when i submit this workflow, it shows below error, which is perfect i know, but i want to add a Reject status, which will be meaningfull.

the problem is, in “Attendance Request” their is no Cancelled status, you can cancel only when the document is submitted, but i want to integrate a “Rejected” status also like it is in “Leave Application”

Anyone, who know how to do this

You can just change the Doc Status for Rejected from 2 to 0,

Because the document is still Draft and can’t cancel draft

I found the solution, we can follow the below steps

  1. add a file attendance_request_list.js with below code, so that you have a status for "Rejected"in Attendance Request, and “Approved” also
frappe.listview_settings["Attendance Request"] = {
	add_fields: ["employee", "employee_name"],
	has_indicator_for_draft: 1,
	get_indicator: function (doc) {
		let status_color = {
			"Approved": "green",
			"Rejected": "red",
			"Draft": "orange"
			// "Submitted": "blue"
		return [__(doc.status), status_color[doc.status], "status,=," + doc.status];

  1. now below is the updated workflow setup

  1. also change small code in file
    def on_submit(self):
    if self.status == “Approved”:

so that Attendance document is made only when the Attendance Request is approved

  1. this is how it will look finally
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