Workflow state change

Hello! I’ve setup a custom workflow and have been using it on around 300+ records. Now i would like to make changes such as workflow state name (too long) and color states (for better identification). I tried to make the changes but the list (purchase order) just hangs now. Do i need to wait longer? Do i need to restart ERPnext to see changes?

Did you try to reload(Administrator > Reload) ?

I tried as you suggested and it still hangs.

Could you list a summary of the technical changes you have made,it may help in giving suggestions.


Ok i’ll try. I’ve made a Purchase Order Approval Workflow in which two roles can make an approval of a purchase order. Made custom workflow states like Approved by Purchase Manager, Approved by Purchase Master Manager and Cancelled by Purchase Master Manager. This system was working fine (made 300 records). Now, i would like to change the label to APV Purchase Manager, APV Purchase Master Manager, and CX Purchase Master Manager and also change the color style indicator. When i did this change and went back to the Purchase Order list, reload page – it does not populate. It seems that the previous states saved do not match with the new state that i set. Is there a way to change/update/workaround on this?

Are there any code changes you have made or you are just using the standard workflow set up for this?

Just standard workflow.

In that case,could you share the screen shot of your workflow configuration?

Here you go.


I just tried to replicate this issue by changing Status field. It’s working fine in my test account.

When loading list view, are you getting any error message in the browser’s console?

No errors. The list view is grayed-out.

At the very bottom of the settings there is Workflow State Field: workflow_state.
If I change this will it work?

Changed Workflow State Field and now my updates are working! Thank you for taking the time. :slight_smile: