Workflow - state , depends on and role

Hi, I have created a custom workflow of creating an indent .

The flow is like

  1. Employee (created indent) , on submit the state changes to SUbmitted
  2. SUbmitted document is acted upon by Project manager - if he approves the documents get modified to “Approved by Project Mgr state” else on reject it goes to “Rejected by Project Manager” state.
  3. On Approval by Project manager this document goes to next step of purchase manager - purchase manager too can either Approve or Reject document. As process of approval- Purchase manager is supposed to create either of the two link fields with Indent - Purchase Order or Material Request. This PO or MR creation process is after submit of the document at this stage.

I am attaching documents that I changed for this.

Now my issue is after second approval process Project Manager can see the link fields enabled for Material Req and Pur Order in Indent. But the same links are not viewable by Purchase manager. Whereas Purchase manager is the main person who is supposed to fill in these links.

Any help on this please?

In your material request link field, the permission level is 1 in the image you have attached.
Also I don’t see any roles added with permission level 1. So either

  • Either change the permission level to 0
  • Give level 1 permission for the Role purchase manager on the doctype

Hope it solves your trouble :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @fahimalizain . Sorry I shared the wrong screenshot for link field. I have already added persmission level 0 to Purchase order field and for MR , i was trying with Perm Level 1. But both the fields are still not seen to Purchase Mgr.

Attaching relevant screenshots again.

  1. Roles permission

  2. Field definition

  3. Workflow -

  4. Project manager can see Material Request and Purchase Order - while document is in “Approved by Project Manager state”

  5. Purchase manager can not see the MR and PO for the same document in the same state as above while there permissions etc match.