Workflow state does not change

Hi everyone,
I made a following workflow for my doctype “action”. This workflow has 3 states:

  • Pending (Doc Status 0),
  • Closed (Doc Status 1),
  • Rejected (Doc Status 2).

And 2 transitions rules:

  • Pending → Closed, action: done
  • Closed → Rejected, action: reject

The workflow is working, but for any reason the “rejected” status is not displayed. I mean when I use the reject action, the Doc status is 2 (I can delete the doc) but its state displays Closed:(

Do I do something wrong?


Can you please share the screenshot of your workflow settings?

Hello umair,
Of course here it is:

I tried to figure out what’s wrong in here but with no success. Do you have any idea?

Ok I deleted all datas and I re-did the workflow from scratch and it’s working perfectly now.